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The Davis Family Flash
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Lake Mowich, Spray Park, and Spray Falls

On Saturday we ventured into Rainier National Park to hike to Spray Park and Spray Falls. The hike started at Mowich Lake and was 3 miles to Spray Park named for its lush meadows and thousands of wild flowers. Along the way we stopped at a point with a great view of the mountain and later we took a 1/2 mile side trail to the waterfall. The waterfall descends 300 feet and is nearly 80 feet wide. It is one of the largest waterfall in the state of Washington.

Our hiking group included Uncle Roger, Michael and his two sons Dale, Andrew, as well as Christopher, Isaac, and myself. I was particularly proud of Isaac who at just under 4 years old hiked the whole 7 miles with hardly a complaint. I think he probably threw 500 rocks into creeks, ponds, the lake, and waterfalls and all the boys enjoyed playing in the snow in July.

We also spoked a black bear of the rode as we drove to the lake and the kids enjoyed seeing just how close they could get to a friendly marmot.

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