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The Davis Family Flash
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Christopher's Day in the Hospital

For some time we have wondered about Christopher's tonsils and adenoids.  As of late he has had trouble breathing through his nose, he sounds clogged up, and he has had trouble hearing well.  A trip the a local ENT doc revealed that he had very large tonsils, huge adenoids, and fluid trapped behind his eardrum -- likely he result of large adenoids.  Well, his Valentine's Day was spent at Madison Memorial hospital having is tonsils and adenoids removed, plus tubes put in his ears.  Here is a before picture, and two after photos, plus a 3 minute video of him as he starts to wake up from his anesthetic.


Knocked Out

Kind of happy to be on his way home.

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  1. I am sorry Christopher that you had to go through that! And especially that you had to endure you dad video taping you! That being said, you were really funny! We all are when we are coming out of surgery! Hope you are feeling better!