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The Davis Family Flash
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ride to Green Lake, Grand Tetons

On Saturday we enjoyed nearly perfect weather and a 13 mile round trip ride to Green Lake in the Grand Tetons.  A good friend of mine has been telling me about Green Lake for years.  We really enjoyed the ride and especially the wildflowers which were abundant.  We initially took the wrong trail which took us straight up a mountain, but once on the right path we enjoyed a gentle climb to the top of a pass, then some fairly steep switchbacks that led us down into the Green Lakes basin.

We only made it to the first lake which was full of fish, lush meadows, surrounded by large granite peaks.  Cindy rode Dan who at times acted like a young horse and once took Cindy straight up the mountain, bypassing the last of the switcbacks.  Christopher was on Bullseye, who we are learning is a very steady and reliable ride.  I was on Kipper, who at 23 still has lots of miles and I enjoyed his smooth gate.

Christopher on Bullseye

High Mountain Meadows

Meadows and Wild Flowers

Cindy on Dan

Near the Pass before the Switchbacks

View of Teton Mountain Range from the Pass

Christopher and Bullseye on the Switchbacks

Arriving at Green Lake

Green Lake from the Creek Inlet

Taking a Break Before the Ride Home

Christopher with Steve and Kipper

Scaling the Switchbacks

Making our Decent from the Pass

All in all it was a great day, and enjoyed the wide open vistas, lush green forests, beautiful meadows and the grandeur of the Tetons.

Warning, the video below may make you dizzy!

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