The Davis Family Flash

The Davis Family Flash
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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Hike to Aldous and Hancock Lakes

Cindy, Emrie, and Gretel on the Path to Aldous Lake

Emrie and Gretel at Aldous Lake

Arriving at Hancock Lake

Alyssa, Jenna, Christopher, Steve and Matthew at Hancock Lake

Looking Down on Aldous Lake

Emrie at Aldous Lake

Emrie and Isaac at Aldous Lake

Christopher at Aldous Lake

Jenna and Alyssa at Aldous Lake
We enjoyed a really beautiful Saturday hiking in the mountains near Kilgore, Idaho.  The drive was gorgeous and the meadows, ranchlands, and mountains where especially green because of our wet spring.  The hike to Aldous Lake was just 1.3 miles, with an additional climb of 1 mile to Hancock Lake. Emrie and Isaac where great hikers and Isaac caught a dozen frogs, and saw one very large one that he said had candy growing on him.  Jenna brought along her friend Alssya, and Matthew was joined by his father-in-law Lance, his brother-in-law Spencer, and their friend Cassy.

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  1. That looks just awesome. I love lakes and hiking!