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The Davis Family Flash
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Birthday Time -- Isaac is 4!

We had a great birthday celebration for our fabulous 4 year old Isaac. And, he finally got his biggest birthday wish -- his own set of drums. For the past year plus, we have contemplated how to keep our drummer happy and after many broken wooden spoons and lots of dents in pans and pan lids we decided now was a good time. We had to ignore the fact that the box said for ages 6 and older. We decided it must be okay since he is bigger than most six year olds anyway.

He loves his new set and has to show everyone who comes over his drums and he even plays for them. He also received a couple of toy motorcycles from Matthew, some Lego nights from Christopher, and candy from Jenna.

Happy birthday Isaac!

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  1. He is four! My how time fly's. He landed in such a great family!